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The Aleksandr Vampilov Cultural Center

an autonomous state institution of culture, Irkutsk Oblast, Russian Federation


Hours of operation: Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.



Ulitsa Bogdana Khmelnitskogo 3B

Irkutsk 664 003






Galina Anatolievna Soluyanova, Director (3952) 21-70-12

Deputy Director, Financial Department (3952) 20-15-32

Research Staff (3952) 20-39-74


For international calls, please dial +7 before the number.



The Aleksandr Vampilov Cultural Center was registered on May 11, 2012 by the Irkutsk Oblast Ministry of Culture and Archives. The official opening occurred on August 19 of that year, on the seventy-fifth anniversary of Vampilov’s birth. Sixteen years of preparation preceded the center as it stands today. In 1996 the Aleksandr Vampilov Fund was created, with renowned actor and People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vitaly Venger acting as chairman and Galina Soluyanova as executive director. The public organization began to collect personal items of the playwright’s, along with photographs, posters, theater programs, books, and paintings, and likewise began the search for a place for the fund to call home.


In late December 2004 the city Duma granted the Vampilov House a building dating to the early twentieth century that once served as the private chapel in the Yuzefovich family manor. Restoration began the following year, finishing after several hiatuses in 2012. The fully refurbished museum boasts three levels: a basement featuring an art gallery, library, archives, living room, and research offices; a first-floor main hall with performance area and revolving exhibitions; and a mezzanine housing the permanent museum collection. Other amenities include a brand-new balcony and winter garden.


The restored building hosted its first event in March 2012, at which photographer Anatoly Byzov presented his exhibition Mysterious Faces of Irkutsk. Before the official opening in August, four more events celebrated the city’s and the oblast’s cultural wealth in a series titled A Date at Vampilov’s: local artist Sergei Eloyan exhibited illustrations he completed for a new edition of Valentin Rasputin’s Farewell to Matyora, stage director Valentin Zverovschikov released his novel Fowl, the art gallery celebrated its opening, and students from the Academy of Education presented the Center with a collection of handmade ceramic pots entitled The Streets of Old Irkutsk.


Since the opening, we have hosted a variety of events, including the academic conference “In the World of Aleksandr Vampilov” as part of the conference series The Radiance of Russia, to which contributed Vampilov scholars from around the country (N. Pogosova, Y. Streltsova, V. Golovchiner); a performance by Sergei Stupin; the presentation of the Irkutsk Oblast Governor’s Award to those working in the field of art and culture; and many other memorable occasions.


In August, 2013 the long-awaited permanent museum exhibition On The Mezzanine opened, offering to viewers a modern presentation of Vampilov’s life and work. With this addition, the museum was transformed, and today truly is a home to house and extend the playwright’s legacy.


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The last Wednesday of each month we offer free entrance to the groups below upon presentation of valid identification:

  • Children age 18 and under (Federal law “Basic Law on Culture,” p. 18)